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LATEST NEWS :  On Sunday 5th June 2005, Chikankata Corps commissioned 34 new Junior Soldiers

The Salvation Army is energised by faith in God, revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and powered by the Holy Spirit. All life, activity and person at Chikankata is a gift from God.

Worshipping and serving God is therefore a very important part of life at Chikankata. There are two Salvation Army corps within easy access - one right outside the seminar centre where visitors often stay! Visitors will find it impossible to miss the opportunities to worship God at Chikankata.

The Sunday service at Chikankata Corps starts at 9.30 am and there are a range of activities during the week. Worship is lively with a band and singing group and there may even be some dancing.

The High School meets for vibrant worship in the main school hall on Sunday morning and the hospital community meets in the evening in the Prayer Room, near the hospital entrance.

You don't have to wear a uniform to attend The Salvation Army - EVERYONE is welcome to attend these meetings.

The Corps has a new Officer now from United States of America Major B.J Pierce and her associate Captain Mukoboto.


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