How Did It Begin?

    The Home League was started in England by Mrs. Bramwell Booth and instituted by The Salvation Army’s Founder, William Booth, in 1907. The program was so popular it spread to other countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, the United States and New Zealand, within its first 10 years.

    The first Home League program in the USA Central Territory (America’s Midwest) was organized in Omaha, Nebraska, before 1910. Other women’s groups quickly developed across the Midwest. They provided educational programs and service opportunities for women. These groups channeled women’s talents, energies and resourcefulness to positively influence their homes, community and world. For instance, during World War I they formed support groups for bereaved mothers. Soon, the Home League was an integral part of every Salvation Army Corps Community Center.

    The Home League evolved into a weekly meeting with a fourfold program of worship, education, fellowship and service. In 1987 a Women’s Outreach Ministries component was added to the Home League program to reflect women's changing roles and expanding interests. In 1998 the traditional Home League program was renamed Women's Ministries to better convey the wide variety of programs offered to women.

    An updated Women’s Ministries program for 2000! Last year a contemporary program for women was introduced throughout the United States. This new, more flexible program better fits the lifestyles and interests of today’s women.

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