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Service Definitions

Alcohol and Drug Treatment -
Drug/alcohol Detoxification programs and substance abuse treatment programs:

    • Residential
    • Non-Residential
Community Recreation Programs -
Drop-in centers, clubs, social activities, gym programs, day camps, seasonal camping, field trips, biddy basketball.

Correctional Services -
Residential pre-release and parole programs for transition back into society, community service restitution, probation supervision, pastoral visitation, seasonal visitation, gifts and services to offenders' families.

Counseling Services -
Problem and needs assessments, individual, family and group counseling, crisis intervention, homemaker/chore services, activities of adult daily living skills, employment assistance, family preservation, guidance and referrals to other community service agencies or organizations.

Day Care Programs (children) -
Day care services for adults/seniors, pre-school children, before and after school child care programs.

Day Care Programs (adult/senior) -
Day care services, clubs, social activities, drop in centers and seasonal camping programs for adults, seniors, developmentally and physically disabled adults and the homeless. See also Housing / Residential.

Domestic Violence -
Crisis intervention, counseling, emergency shelter, temporary/transitional housing provided to families affected by domestic violence.

Emergency Assistance -
Temporary lodging (fire, flood, eviction, etc.), utility bill assistance, clothing/shoes, household items, emergency food pantry/vouchers, emergency financial assistance, seasonal food, toys and clothing items.

Health Services -
General health screening, assessment, referral, access to medical treatment for populations served.

Housing/Residential -

    • Emergency Shelter -
      Crisis initiated temporary housing for men, women, children or families.
    • Child and Adolescent Residential Treatment -
      Temporary treatment-oriented facility/program/foster care placement for children who are unable to live at home for a variety of reasons (e.g. unstable or unsuitable conditions, adjustment difficulties, need for custodial care).
    • Residential Rehabilitation - Time-limited structured residential program focused upon enhancing psycho-socio-economic adjustment.
    • Senior Citizen - Permanent housing for senior citizens in Salvation Army facility.
    • Transitional Housing - Moderate to long-term housing and supportive services (e.g. case management, skills for living, counseling).
Worship Center -
Pastoral care and counseling, opportunities for spiritual regeneration and worship.

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