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Noor Das -Sergeant Major - West Bengal

I’ve got a change in my life

My name is Noor Das aged 55, now living in Kancharaprara village, West Bengal State, India, serving as sergeant major in the Salvation Army Church. I started stealing and looting at the age of ten which made me an alcoholic and a gambler. While I was very young I became a gang leader and my partners would return after looting in different places to give me three fourth of every stolen article. I became an embodiment of Devil beating my wife and children. Never was a day spent peacefully at home. The neighbourhood was very much threatened of my brutal behaviour yet my wife was very patient and took me one day to The Salvation Army Church where I am a member now. The Salvation Army pastor opened the scriptures for me and with convincing proofs made me realize, all that I did was wrong and against the will of God. The pastor started visiting me regularly to pray with me eventually I felt that I needed a saviour to rescue me from all bad habits to live a clean life. God answered my prayer and I left all the bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling, stealing etc. My life was changed completely by the Lord and He blessed me with a new life. My home became happy and peaceful the moment Jesus entered in my life. I have got two sons who are working in abroad and solicit your prayers. If God could change me then surely He can change any one.

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