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Joy Lama Drug abuser & drummer

Many years ago Jerry Lama a Portuguese from Goa toured Bhutan for business and fell in love with Vkcancy a Buddhist in Bhutan. They got married and Joy Lama was born on 28 December 1975. Joy Lama has an elder brother and three sisters as well. The whole family being musically gifted composed music for nearly forty two films in Hindi. Joy Lama left Bhutan for Mumbai to continue his studies from class five at St.Xavier School, Churchgate. His professional music academy helped him earn much money which he squandered in Mumbai the city known for film industry. Life for him seemed to be dry without Cocaine and smack smelling. He plays guitar, Dolak besides manufacturing and repairing all kinds of musical instruments. He is an expert in rhythm percussion. All his musical performance and popularity never brought real happiness so he went back to Lottas, Sydney, Australia in 1995 where his father has been running a musical shop for more than eleven years now.
His drastic step to commit suicide was well planned ahead. So he went to a gun shop to buy a small gun to shoot him to death. He well knew that his end was at the door step so he had a final chat with the father for few minutes and went to his room, closed the doors and windows on a Saturday evening. He took his gun and targetted his forehead and heard a gentle knock at the door just few seconds before he clicked the trigger. He opened the door and to his surprise he found cheerful Sunday school children calling him uncle and said “Jesus loves you”. Joy Lama never heard this before and wanted to meet that Jesus who loves him. He abandoned the idea of committing suicide and went to the church the next Sunday to testify how Jesus Christ changed his life. His parents no longer tolerated to hear that he accepted Jesus Christ into his life. In 1996 he went to Bhutan and the Bhutanese started persecuting him and eleven families were killed because they denounced Buddhism. Dorchi Ouchng Bhutiya the king who studied in Christian school in Darjeeling some how wanted to save Joy Lama and helped him to escape from the country by giving little money. Because of conversion, Joy Lama lost contact with his parents for seven years but persistently prays for their conversion.

He has visited 32 countries sofar and now wants to live out the rest of his life for Jesus Christ. He now has the zeal to visit churches, meeting young people to say about Christ and His wonderful deliverance from all bondages of sin.

Editor, All India War Cry

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