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Captain Mercy Manjula Mudda - Andhra Pradesh


It is wonderful to tell my story for the readers of website. I was born in a Christian orthodox family and was given good education to graduate from the college. I was a very nominal Christian and was saved by the pastoral counselling. I got married on 4th March 1988 but sadly I was barren for 15 years. The Lord almighty heard my deepest cry and answered the prayers of many.

He blessed me with a male child whom we named as Jeevan Samuel. He is nine months old now with good health and we dedicated him for the service of God. As the scripture says “Is anything too hard for the Lord” No, nothing at all and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He who fulfilled my longings would meet the needs of millions of others who go through such pain. I am grateful indeed to officers, friends and prayer groups who upheld us in their prayers as I share my joy of becoming a mother. I would appreciate prayers to bring up my child in the ways of God while serving through The Salvation Army.

Captain Mercy Manjula Mudda
The Salvation Army
Human Resource Development Centre
Nidubrolu - Andhra Pradesh

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