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Cadet Dilip N.Kokani - Gujarat

Cadet Dilip N.Kokani
Training College – Anand


I was born to Hindu parents who worship idols. I was admitted into a Hindu ashramam when I was five years old where I gained all teachings of Hinduism. During my young age I was possessed by evil spirit and my parents took me to various places even to the temples to be freed from demons but all became a vain effort. But once a Christian preacher came to our village and he prayed very fervently for my healing and I was released from the evil spirit.

The Salvation Army was conducting meetings in our area where I could be present to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ. I repented for my sins and accepted Christ as my personal saviour. We used to meet in a small place for worship and one day the activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad attacked all of us and started beating. I was taken to the police station and kept under the custody for two days just for becoming a Christian by accepting Christ as my personal saviour. I fully believe in the power of the Lord who redeemed me from the evil spirit and forgave my sins. I was dragged to the police station for the second time and released after interrogation. Several times I was tortured for accepting Christ and becoming a Christian. I always realize the saving power of Jesus Christ who wants to use me in bringing others too. Then I decided to serve the Lord by becoming an officer in the Salvation Army. Now I am in the training college, Anand as cadet and request all the readers to pray for the continuous guidance of the Lord in my life.

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