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Prayer Pointers

1: India South Eastern Territory
Answered prayers : the healing of to two officers, Captain Justin and Corps Helper Edwin. Both involved in a serious road accident. Captain Justin's injuries were particularly severe, affecting his brain. But God helped in every way, and the Captain was back home 19 days after the accident, well and without side effects from the operation or accident.

for revival among the youth - who are unconcerned about their eternity.
for Catherine Booth Hospital at Nagercoil - facing a lot of problems in the community.

2: India Eastern Territory

Salvationists' deep desire for salvation of souls continues with evangelists sent to far away places even across different cultures

God has given us a new territory in the state of Arunachal Pradesh to proclaim the good news. Praise God with us for this and uphold us in your prayer that the work of the Salvation Army will continue to be fruitful in the days to come.

Matter of concern:
Problem of drugs, tobacco and alcohol addiction specially among youth

Our brethr en in the Cachar Hills, please pray with us that the constant inter-communal v iolence between the Dimasa and the Hmar people will be ended peacefully.

3: India Western Territory

Thanksgiving: for extension work at several new places.

4: India Central Territory

Thanksgiving: for the Youth Mission Team and its Outreach Evangelism programme.
Further to the above item, the Youth in every Division has met to find new areas of opportunity for conducting outreach evangelism twice in a month: visiting houses, distributing tracts, talking to people, conducting open air and other meetings.

5: India South Western Territory

Thanksgiving: We have opened a new extension centre at Thodupuzha, north east of the Territory where we now have 12 families.

Matter of concern: Peermade issue. This is the eastern high range area where due to financial problems tea estate companies have closed down their factories. The people are out of work. The Government and voluntary agencies, including the Salvation Army, are working on behalf of the people's relief.

Self Support: Many Corps struggle to raise sufficient income. So we plan to conduct a survey with a view to identify fund raising possibilities.

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