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Social Drinking

Social drinking has become a problem. Alcohol is being introduced into the home and included in social functions where before it was never permitted.

As the largest abstinence organisation in the world, The Salvation Army expects every member to adhere to the pledge given when becoming a Salvationist. Part of the influence of The Salvation Army in the world is due to the respect in which it is held for its high standards.

Social drinking to please a host or hostess or a business associate should be ruled out. Alcoholic beverages in any form should not be tolerated within Salvation Army circles.

There are thousands of people who wish they had never touched strong drink. Although an occasional social drink does not mean becoming an alcoholic, every alcoholic must have commenced with one drink. The Salvationist’s caring includes helping men and women who are slaves to drink. It would be illogical for any Salvationist to drink while at the same time seeking to help others to give it up.

Alcohol impairs judgment. All Christians should set an example of personal responsibility in their private lives. The finest example is to cut out alcoholic beverages altogether.


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