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The Salvation Army, concerned that the dignity of mankind should be preserved, deplores the increasing pornography and blasphemy infecting books, magazines and newspapers and featured in the theatre, the cinema and in radio and television.

The Salvation Army believes that its attitudes reflect widespread feeling against blasphemy and the commercialisation of sex in ways that ensure financial gain for the exploiters and the creation of distorted values in the lives of the exploited, including children.

The Salvation Army maintains its stand against evils which threaten the quality of personal and national character and seeks to arouse public conscience against such evils.

The Salvation Army wholeheartedly supports the proper education of the young on matters relating to the sanctity of right sexual relationships based on the teaching of Christ.

Above all, The Salvation Army believes that wholesomeness of society depends upon the conversion of men and women everywhere to a spiritual concept of life in which high standards of morality are established.


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