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Inter-group Relations

The Salvation Army, as a branch of the Church, opposes discriminatory practices related to race or national origin at all levels of operation and administration, and seeks to promote inter-group understanding and to give full support to the imperative of human and civil rights, not only at the levels of housing, education and employment, but also in the areas of culture and religion, sharing that spiritual affinity which makes all men brothers. More specifically:

All Salvation Army positions to which officers or employees are normally appointed are open to persons of any race who have the necessary qualifications or skills.

All social welfare services to individuals or families are given without regard to race, according to the capacity of the organisation to serve in meeting the needs of those involved; and all services shall be equally available to clients of any race on the basis of need and capacity to benefit from the programme of the institution.

All Salvation Army worship services are open to persons of any race, and spiritual ministration shall be made available to all through Salvation Army personnel.

The Salvation Army from its inception has been concerned with the spiritual and social needs of all people. Its services in all parts of the world have been developed in recognition of the biblical principle that, ‘God hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth’ (Acts 17:26).


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