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Gambling is seeking gain at the expense of others, solely on the basis of chance. The Salvation Army is acutely aware of the suffering and deprivation visited upon countless thousands of persons as the result of gambling. Our basic spiritual motivation, as well as our social welfare experience, indicates that many of those who gamble tend to disregard their primary responsibilities in life and frequently they bring embarrassment and hurt to those dependent on them. This does not, however, lessen the evil to those who participate without any apparent financial effects on themselves or their families.

Since all gambling is motivated by selfishness, it runs counter to the Christian expression of love, respect and concern for one’s fellow men. Often it begins in an apparently harmless way, but its continued practice frequently leads to grosser excesses and tends to undermine the personality and character of the gambler.

Official sanction and public acceptance of this evil is, in the opinion of The Salvation Army, contrary to the Christian principles to which we subscribe.

Salvationists should resist participation in any scheme which would give them material advantage on the basis of chance.


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