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The Christian faith puts death into proper perspective as the transition from earthly life to life eternal. In this context, The Salvation Army believes that man does not have the right to death by his own decision, whether procured by his own act or by the commissioning of another person to secure it.

The common experience of Christians throughout the ages has been that the grace of God sustains heart and mind to the end. To many, the end of life is clouded by pain and impaired judgment, and while we believe that it is right to use all and any medical treatment to control pain, experience denies the rightness of legalising the deliberate termination of life by a doctor, authorised by a statement signed by the patient while in health. Such euthanasia threatens to debase the function of doctors and impairs the confidence of their patients.

As an extension of this subject, The Salvation Army accepts that a patient’ ;s next of kin is justified in agreeing to medical advice to remove life support systems where brain death has occurred.


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