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Central Territory, THQ Chennai (Madras)

India Central Territory

Territorial Leaders: Commissioners M. Y. Emmanuel and T. Regina Chandra Bai (1 December 2006)

Territorial Commander: Commissioner M. Y. Emmanuel (1st December 2006)
Territorial President of Women's Ministries: Commissioner T. Regina Chandra Bai ( 1st December 2006)
Chief Secretary: Lieut-Colonel Edwin Masih (1st March 2012)
Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries: Lieut-Colonel Sumita Masih (1st March 2012)

Territorial Headquarters:

Postal address: 15/31 Ritherdon Road,
PO Box 453, Vepery, Chennai 600 007, South India
Tel address: Salvation Chennai 600 007; tel [91] (044) 2532 3148; fax: [91] (044) 2532 5987;

India Central Territory comprises of three regions - North Tamil Nadu (Madras - Chennai), Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Salvation Army work was commenced at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh in 1895 by Staff Captain Abdul Aziz, a person of Muslim background, with his friend Mahanada. Captain Abdul Aziz was spiritually renewed while attending the revival meeting of Captain Henry Bullard in 1884 at Bangalore, and dedicated his life as a Salvation Army officer.

It was named India Central Territory in 1992, with Headquarters at Madras(Chennai)

States included in the territory: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

'The Salvation Army' in Tamil : Ratchania Senai; in Telugu: Rakshana Sinyamu

Languages in which the gospel is preached : English, Tamil, Telugu

Periodicals: Home League Magazine; Udyogasthudu; Yovana Veerudu; Yudha Dwani

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