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Called to be God's People in India


The spiritual life of any Christian is vital. It isn’t possible to be a Christian without having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Salvation Army, an international movement and part of the Christian Church, is now at work in more than 100 countries. The spiritual life of the Army is dependent upon the spiritual life of those who use it as their church.

The International Spiritual Life Commission was made up of Salvationists from around the world who looked again, under the Holy Spirit’s guidance, to identify those things which are integral to the Movement. The Commission looked at the heart of the Army, and was confirmed by the unity experienced among members and by the unity in which the Calls to Salvationists were issued.

There are twelve Calls *. They have been issued with conviction and speak of different areas of The Salvation Army’s spiritual life. The book, Called to be God’s People in India, has been produced as an Indian response to the Calls of the Commission. I am delighted. It was always the intention of the Commission that the 12 Calls should be studied and worked out in the cultural and national settings in which Salvationists serve. By producing Called to be God’s People in India, the Indian territories have shown great resourcefulness.

As the book is used and the questions answered, each Salvation Army corps will be challenged, guided and renewed.

May God bless all who read this book under the direction of the Holy Spirit!

Robert Street, Lieut-Colonel
International Spiritual Life Commission

* see The Calls - summaries

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