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1. Why do you still call yourselves an Army? Is it not better to do away with military terms?

The Salvation Army is an Army engaged in spiritual warfare against the forces of evil. It is that and no more. We are not against people of other religions. We feel that when people of other faiths understand our position many will be willing to join us in the battle for righteousness and justice.

Although The Salvation Army uses a pseudo-military structure and language, the Army advises its soldiers (members) to approach people of other faiths with respect and understanding. They are urged to give a good example of Christian living at the same time as they witness to their own faith in Jesus.

2. Do you expect people to become Christians as a result of your social work?

The Salvation Army is part of the Christian Church. Our spiritual motivation has practical application in an evangelical, social, educational and health ministry. Our social work is a result of our being Christians. Our social work is not done to make Christians. It is done because we are Christians.

We recognize the sensitivity of evangelism in any setting, and especially in multi-faith communities and religious pluralism. We retain our commitment to fulfilling Christ’s commission to proclaim the gospel, yet are respectful of people of other faith or no faith. We also remain committed to working in solidarity with the poor.

But we equally believe in the freedom of religion for every Indian citizen, which is enshrined in the constitution. We should all be free to change our religion, so The Salvation Army will welcome any one who wishes to become a Christian and to join The Salvation Army. But we will not make this a condition of our social work.

3. Is it safe to donate money to The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is known world-wide for giving excellent value for the money we receive, whether that is from agencies or individual donors. The Army’s accounts are audited regularly by external and internal auditors. Any discrepancy is dealt with vigorously. Giving to the Army is safe.

4. What services does The Salvation Army provide?

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