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A corps is a company of Salvation Army junior and senior soldiers, recruits, adherents and other people (whose names may not be entered onto any Salvation Army Roll) who meet together under the care and direction of a commanding officer or other officially appointed person. A corps usually has a building or buildings in which it meets and it operates within a particular area.

Every Salvation Army meeting should have as its primary purpose the worship of God, leading to the salvation of the unconverted and/or the deepening of the spiritual life of God's people.

A mercy seat is available for use in all Salvation Army meetings. The mercy seat or penitent form (and, where used, the holiness table) is the central place in Salvation Army worship.

There is no virtue attached to either of these as such, but they provide a place for confession, repentance and consecration, as well as for spiritual guidance to be given to any seeker.

A section of the congregation in a typical Salvation Army meeting, with the Corps brass band accompanying the congregational singing.

Junior Soldiers

A Sunday morning meeting in progress at Boriach Corps, South Gujarat District. This is the pioneer Corps where the prayer hall was burned down .

  • As seen in the photographs below, Corps reach out from their buildings into the surrounding community:

    n Amritsar City, local Salvationists lead the united Churches in the Palm Sunday witness.

    Corps officers and Helpers leave for an evangelical campaign in the Beas District, Mukeria in spite of it being the hottest season of the year.
    (from News & Prayer Bulletin, Northern Territory, April/June 2003)
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