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'God is my Healer' by Major Yakub Macwan

I am grateful to God who enabled me to share my testimony through all India war cry. I was very ill in the month of July and August 2007. Medicines had side effect on my body and I changed my doctor for speedy recovery. I felt relieved of pain and fever but suddenly a week later I felt feverish which never cured by regular medications. The doctor advised me to go for blood test and found jaundice and later malarial infection. I was admitted in the hospital with many complications and prayed to the heavenly physician for healing. The Lord listened to my cry and brought relief to my body and healed my sickness.

I am very happy because my saviour Jesus has proved in my life that He is healer and reliever of all pain by bringing a new hope and strength in my life. My faith has become so strong now and I will not fear and tremble in times of testing and suffering because it only makes me spiritually mature. I praise God for all His care and physical healing in my body.

Major Yakub Macwan, Territorial Youth Secretary
India Western Territory (Gujarat)

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