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'I have a reason to rejoice' by Sandhya Veeramony

Being a soldier in Vadasery, one of the well known corps in India South Eastern territory, brought countless blessings in my career. My education, through Catholic institutions only increased my zeal for the Army. I studied in St.Joseph's convent school, Nagercoil and graduated from Fathima College, Madurai. God, in his benevolence blessed me as grand parents never ceased to pray for my studies eventually, I secured master degree with distinction from Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore and M.Phil from Mother Teresa University, Kodaikanal.

My desire for academic achievements resulted in registering for Ph.D and my thesis on “Impact of Diet Counselling and Supplementation of a Health Mix on selected life style Diseases” was approved and in February 2008, I was awarded Ph.D which is again a visible sign of God's blessing.

I acknowledge the blessings of my grandfathers: Major Mark Poomonyraj, father of my father, who served at Catherine Booth hospital, Nagercoil for several decades with Dr.William A. Noble and Brigadier K.Viswasam, father of my mother, who spent most of his life in the field, shepherding the flock. I am also equally blessed by my husband who too is grandson of Brigadier M.Veeramony, an officer known for strict discipline and later retired as divisional commander.

Even after marriage, my thirst for academic pursuit, was increasingly high. I have been successful in every academic endeavour because of our parents and three grandparents who showered their blessings on me. I praise God for my husband who stood beside me to inspire at all times. I realized how God blesses the descendants of his servants.

I request readers and comrades to pray as I continue to witness as Salvationist.

Sandhya Veeramony
India South Eastern Territory

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