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Beulah Rani has Got Reason to live

Beulah Rani hails from a village known as Kallankuzhy in Marthandamvillai. She is a Christian by birth and while she was 18 years, got married to Murugan from Hindu background on 10th September 1995. They were blessed with a son and a daughter. Her husband was a drunkard wasting what she earned by stitching clothes. He even sold all ornaments and sewing machines just for want of money to drink. Finally he went to Mumbai seeking an overseas job. Medical test was done only to reveal him as HIV positive. He came back home and his wife never believed when he told that he was HIV positive. A son was born who in due course of time developed diarrhoea. They admitted him in William Hospital, Nagercoil and after having a test he too was found HIV positive. The doctor advised the father to undergo the test and eventually every one in the family has been infected with this virus and sadly the son died in 2001.

Beulah was shocked and could not tolerate when by and large every one came to know this. The unbearable agony and the torture of mother in law and members of the family forced her to commit suicide and she set fire to her body. Her husband rushed to rescue her but not without severe burns around her neck. The staff working as social workers in Community Health development department made frequent visits to help her. Beulah is alive because of the continuous support, care, medication of community health development functioning at Catherine Booth hospital, Nagercoil. Beulah has been employed at community health department where she finds happiness and spiritual nourishment. She lives with hope giving encouragement to others who face similar health problems. All that she says now is Life is meaningful and there is hope in Christ Jesus. The care and compassion of CBH social workers helped her to abandon further attempt to ruin her life. Now her husband works as a counsellor in Muttom. The family is leading a happy life and her husband is now a changed person.

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