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Ashish S Roy, Gujarat


Being born in a Salvationists family I gave my life to Jesus while I was very young and had active participation in all the church programmes. But in the school I was the leading sports person and was awarded a number of Gold Medals. My dream was to run for India one day as an athlete.

14th January 2004 was a kite flying festival at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon I met with a serious accident while going on a vehicle with my friends. I broke my leg and began to worry about my career as a sports person and life. I felt helpless and my dreams to run for India became impossible. I was struggling in my mind what to do then but many people were praying for me constantly. I started praying when I felt the excruciating pain giving thanks for sparing my life in this serious accident requesting strength and health.

Having had my surgery the doctors were surprised to see the fast improvement and healing happening in my leg. Though I was not physically fit I wrote my board examination and the lord made me a successful student. I would say that this is lord’s doing. Though this accident caused much suffering and pain to my family yet it drew me very closer to my Lord and saviour Jesus. He has given me new life and it is my desire to spend the rest of my life for His Glory.

Ashish S. Roy
Ahemedabad central Corps, Gujarat

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