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World AIDS Day Observation on 1st December 2011

Major Katam Prasad, Territorial HIV/AIDS Coordinator, India Central Territory

On 1st December 2011 the World HIV/AIDS day was observed throughout the territory under the leadership of Commissioner Dr. M. Y. Emmanuel, Territorial Commander, supported by Major K. Prasad, Territorial HIV/AIDS Coordinator. In fact through out the year the Salvation Army with great adversity working among the HIV infected & affected people and conducting many awareness programmes and supporting them in many ways.

On this very special day under the guidance of Territorial Commander all the Divisions / Districts / Areas observed the World HIV Day. Special meetings and rallies across the territory were conducted and fruits were distributed to clients. Youth as many, men and women soldiers in all the places showed their interest in participating rallies.

A special program was conducted in Gudivada Division. All the Divisional HIV Coordinators from various places attended this meeting. Mr. Christoffer Brekke, from Norway and Major Rajpaul, National Health, Social & Emergency Secretary, Kolkata, were the special invitees in this meeting. A meeting was arranged in the Central Corps prayer hall, Gudivada Divisional Headquarters. Christoffer Brekke enlightened the participants by giving the statistical study of affected and positive cases in Asia and particularly, South India. Later Major Rajpaul encouraged the participants that World AIDS Day provides an opportunity, hence, individuals, communities and political leaders to take on the challenge of getting the stigma to zero.

After the meeting a rally was organized on the streets of Gudivada. GO's and NGO's joined the Salvation Army in the rally by holding placards, shouting slogans to support the HIV infected, and even from the public several in number joined their feet to witness the March. The rallies and the awareness programmes emphasized the people more aware of the HIV, and Fight Stigma End AIDS. Mr. Christoffer Brekke, Norway had his words of appreciation for The Salvation Army's tireless operations among the HIV/ AIDS infected.

I praise God and thank the leaders for the opportunity to hold such a program. I request the readers to uphold the HIV/AIDS infected people in your prayers.


Major B. Hembrom, D.D.W.M, Jasidih District (INT)

We thank and praise the Almighty God for He has been helping and using us for His ministry through out the year 2011. He has been working miraculously within Jasidih District.

On 1st December 2011 World AIDS Day rally was organized by District Officer, Major C. Hembrom. All the Officers, Soldiers and Hostel Boys from Jasidih Division joined the rally.
The road march was started with banners and posters from Simultala Central Corps via Simultala market to Simultala railway station ground. An awareness meeting was conducted in the railway premises where Major David Pandey, Boys Home in-charge and District Officer Major C. Hembrom gave tips of awareness and health concerns. Especially Mr. Sandeep Kumar- Editor of Dynik Jagran News paper and the reporter of Hindustan News Paper also were present there.

The Salvation Army Boys from the Boys Home Simultala presented wonderful puppet show and drama related to HIV/ AIDS awareness. There were more than 500 men and women attended.

The Boys home children distributed about 300 handbills and folder which gave full information about HIV/AIDS prevention.

The onlookers and press people were surprised to see the activities of The Salvation Army so it was published in the local news papers to appreciate the Army programmes.

We request the readers please pray for the ministry of Bihar & Jharkhand.

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