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Toxic Smoke Swallowed AMRI, Kolkata - The Salvation Army Responded

By Captain Babu Samraj- Editor and Communications Secretary.

Kolkata - A multi speciality hospital at Dhakuria in Kolkata burnt in fire and raised the death toll to less than 100 and scores sustained serious injuries.

Much to the surprise of Kolkata residents the harrowing hours came to AMRI hospital early in the morning on 9th of December 2011. Fire from the base floor of the hospital's annexe building caused a dense smoke and had a speedy journey to engulf the entire tightly refrigerated building. Patients from ICU's and other rooms and wards were still sleeping in the wee hours of the day and found no go to exit with their half dead, pained and panged bodies and choked with the sudden gust of the smoke and became to the line of dead. Nothing was clearly heard in the smoke but a commotion and hundreds of human cry. Bigwigs of the city, politicians, leaders and thousands of locals streamed to the spot, among them special was West Bengal's Chief Minister Mamta Banergee. Fire forces, Specialized Disaster Management teams and Commandoes confronted a prolonged tough battle with their modern hydraulic cranes and other ultra preventive cum safety equipments to bring things under control. Despite, the cruelty consumed 93 lives leaving scores injured. Relatives, friends and visitors of the patients were barred from entering into the building; hence fierce fisticuffs erupted between the hospital staff and patients' people. The fire fighters and the officials are said to have stuck to point out the cause of the fire and hence a serious probe has been mounted up.

At the behest of National Secretariat Leadership a band of Kolkata Salvation Army officers, from National Secretariat, Social Service Centre and Liaison Office streamed to the place to respond. The team comprised Captain John Rohmingliana, Manager, from Social Service Centre, Major R. Thangkhuma, Liaison Officer, and Major Lalramliana Hnamte, and Captains Babu Samraj and Emmanuel Masih from National Secretariat Office headed by Major Lalramliana Hnamte visited the families and individual victims badly affected and who graciously jumped out of the fatal death. Some were sheltered by Mizoram house where the team visited and heard the cry of the friends and families. They all thanked the Salvation Army's prayer and presence during these gruesome hours in their life.

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