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The War Cry

Issue Date: 2 August 2010

August 2010
Volume: 11 No: 8

Editorial:Smaller Things Greater Things; International Secretary's Column:You are not this World

In this issue:

Editorial: Smaller Things Greater Things

Here is a Pin. Though it is small but it is very useful in the offices, it binds many papers together, assure the person about not loosing any of them, It cares, protect, keep safe the important document for a long period.


International Secretary's Column: You are not of this World

Almost two decades ago I was one of the secretaries based at the Salvation Army Headquarters in India Eastern territory. Due to the irregularity of public transport and in spite of the shortages in those days, travelling by Headquarters vehicle for the staff


Article: Wise Women

Proverbs chapter 31 says about the wise women. A woman looks after her family in the fear of God that her family will get the real Joy and peace. No one wants that her family will live in sorrow. The Bible tells about the wise and un-wise women.


Article: Corruption

Corruption-a dishonest or immoral or illegal behavior of a person is something that can never be justified in the light and basic principles of the Bible. It is an act totally an becoming of a Christian.


Article: Indicative, Imperative & Promise (Faith and Obedience, Theology and Ethics)

The three important things we have found through out the Bible, the foundation of theology is indicative, imperative and promise. God disclosed and indicates the meaning which is followed by duty that will be performed by human being and concluded by a gift of promise.


Article: If Onion Makes you Cry...

Part of Advertisement found in the city while travelling at night reminded me that the onion doesn't make anybody cry while carrying it.



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