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The War Cry

Issue Date: 1 July 2011

July 2011
Volume:12 No: 7

Editorial:Attention! - Please ;International Secretary's Column:'I do not accept the praise of Man'

In this issue:

Editorial: Attention! -- Please

Despite, the efforts that political parties accelerated to their possible extent to draw the attention of people in the just concluded assembly elections in the state went in vain and set them a few paces back.


International Secretary's Column: 'I do not accept the Praise of Man'

It is natural to accept and appreciate praise for any human being. We normally do not dislike people who praise us and our achievements. Whist I was writing this article, someone sent me a message on Facebook expressing appreciation for what we did as leaders of The Salvation Army in their community almost a decade ago.


Article: An Army of God

William Booth was born on 10th April 1829 at Nottingham, in England. During his early days of life he passed through the difficult time. He has passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with three ideas.


Article: God's People and Discipline Life

The person on the Mission field is a disciple and therefore he is expected to live in a disciplined life. The word “disciple” and “discipline” are derived from the same root.


Article: God's Choice



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