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The War Cry

Issue Date: 2 January 2012

January 2012
Volume:13 No: 1

Editorial:Before we set off ;International Secretary's Column:Welcome Aboard

In this issue:

Editorial : Before we set off --

What we are today is the product of the yesterdays; this you would certainly agree. Some might have drifted along; some strayed from; few others become exhausted; perhaps some fallen, few made their journey better and easier;


International Secretary's Column : Welcome Aboard

“Ladies and Gentlemen”, Welcome aboard Flight 2012; the flying time is approximately 365 days; there will be a danger of turbulence due to all kinds of sin and evil: Please therefore listen to the following announcement carefully”.


Article: Master of Mind - a Positive way of mental attitude

Having thanked the Lord for the millions of blessings granted in the yesteryear, 2011 and looking to His profuse blessings for the fresh year, I praise and glorify Him in this very beginning of the fresh year 2012.


Article: Count Your Days

Plenty are the people who lived on the earth at the outset of the year, 2011 and are no more but a handful of dust and ash. Not on our merit but of His grace that made us to step into the new track, 2012.


Article: One Army, One Mission and One Message from now on

Under His loving and providential care we are now in the New Year 2012, old things have passed away and we are in the beginning of a new year. In the Army we have a Vision Plan waiting for us to fulfill.


Article: Next Step

William Booth said,“We must wake ourselves up! Or somebody else will take our place, and bear our cross, and thereby rob us of our crown.”


Article: New Year Resolutions

The New Year has dawned and with it comes a wonderful opportunity to work for God in an uncluttered and newly focused way. General Linda Bond has set a clear direction for the International Army with the recently announces Vision Plan.



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