World Youth Convention announcement

Released 18 June 2009

One thousand young Salvationists from around the world will attend a World Youth Convention in Stockholm, Sweden, from 15 to 18 July 2010, led by General Shaw Clifton with Commissioner Helen Clifton.

The venue will be Aula Magna, part of Stockholm University. The theme will be 'Raised Up'. The focus will be Salvationism. Topics will be discussed by the delegates under the titles of realism, idealism, inclusiveness, compassion, simplicity, internationalism, visible and audible.

Immediately prior to the convention a number of delegates will take part in a week-long event titled Time To be Holy 458, to be held at the Centre for Spiritual Life Development in south London. There will also be opportunity for delegates to take part in a programme titled Time to Serve 24/7, hosted by the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland.

The delegates will be chosen by the Army's territories and commands, each of which has been allocated places according to the number of its soldiers. Delegates must be soldiers or adherents who demonstrate a commitment to future service as active Salvationists. During the convention they will study and debate the General's book 'New Love', which they will be encouraged to read before arriving in Sweden.

Because the event is restricted to 1,000 delegates, terrtories and commands are being encouraged to organise youth events to coincide with the convention, some of which might be linked to the convention by satellite, enabling the General to address as many young people as possible around the world. Internet technology will also be used to make as many Salvationists as possible feel part of the event even if they are not able to be present in Sweden.

Aula Magna, just a few minutes away from Stockholm's city centre, houses one of Sweden's largest and most modern auditoriums, equipped with every technical facility needed for a convention of this kind. The delegates will live in youth-hostel-style accommodation within easy reach of the university campus.

The convention will begin with an opening meeting on the Thursday evening and close on Sunday evening. Saturday will include an outreach event in Stockholm city centre.

Above all, the World Youth Convention will be marked by passion. One territory's advertising material for the delegates announces that '1,000 passionate young adults are gathering in Stockholm, Sweden, in July 2010. Are you passionate about God changing the world, loving others in practical ways, being the Church and living like Jesus? Wanna lead your peers in The Salvation Army as you strive to be set apart - made holy - RAISED UP? If you're down with that then you'll want to be a part of the World Youth Convention. This will be an amazing opportunity for you to make friends from around the world, sing and dance together as you seek God's face and heart, and be spiritually shaped and formed for leading others in living out their faith in action.'

Only 1,000 young people can actually be there in Stockholm, but every other Salvationist in the world can share in the experience through this website. Keep your eye on it! And pray for WYC2010!

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WYC 2010

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