Pakistan Report

Released 20 May 2010

Group picture

The group of WYC delegates holding their English-language Bibles

The weekend began on Saturday 24 April  and ran until Monday afternoon, when the delegates returned from a long trip to the FedEx office to  submit their visa applications. In addition to taking care of final documentation for their visas the delegates also discussed information that would be helpful for them as they prepare to leave Pakistan and join with others from around the world in this great youth celebration. After arriving and getting settled in the delegates shared lunch and then gathered to discuss the details of the visa application.

Following afternoon tea, Colonel Robert Ward (the Territorial Commander) and Colonel Marguerite Ward (the Territorial President of Women's Ministries – TPWM) led the keynote meeting focusing on the theme of ‘Questions’. This began by placing a chair in the centre of the room and inviting four individuals, Majors Dennis and Lynn Gensler, Cadet Abid James and Cadet Hummera Anayat, to sit in the ‘hot seat’ to be questioned by the other delegates. This was to demonstrate the fact that they would need to be able to respond to such questioning while at WYC, as many will have questions about them and their life in Pakistan.

Following this exercise several questions were posed and discussed by the Territorial Commander and the group.


Each delegate was asked to summarise in 30 seconds what had changed in their lives, their corps, community or division, since the last orientation in the autumn.  Colonel then shared some of the things that have happened within the Territory to make delegates more knowledgeable about The Salvation Army in Pakistan.

Two choruses were shared – ‘Majesty’ and ‘Blessed be the Name of the Lord’.


This was introduced with a brainstorming session as delegates shared there thoughts including things like culture, native dress, good attitude, worship style, email addresses, photos, music, traditions, joy, confidence, 123 slogan etc.


An exercise using the tool based on the acrostic COWS (Challenges, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Strengths) was used to discover these answers. Groups were formed and each took a topic.

Answers included:


Different cultures

Different language

To introduce a civil nation

To meet and clear thinking of Indian youth about PAK

Unity of Purpose

To make a place in the hearts of people


Show faith

Culture and customs

Christianity not involved in terrorism

Territorial theme

Questions about terrorism

Youth activities

Worship style

Change negative view of Pakistan

Language accent

Food problems

Climate difference

Worship style

Murder trial

Gender problems

Reserved culture

Different worship style



Communication skills

Openness to learning

Positive attitude

Culture and dre

Territorial leaders' support

Friendly nature

Knowledge about country and Territory

Territory with 60,000 soldier

English Bibles were presented to each delegate to take to Sweden, and a prayer of dedication offered in gratitude for this gift and in petition for God to bless these young people as they study the Word and minister in his name. These were a gift from a Dr. Len and Janet Drury from Australia East Territory. A thank you card was circulated to be sent to this donor and pictures were taken to be sent with the thank you card. 


This exercise was to draw something that would be packed in their suitcase and then to write on it what they hoped to share with others and to bring back with them from this experience in Sweden.

These were shared later in the weekend and discussed.

On Sunday, Chapel Service was conducted by Majors Dennis and Lynn Gensler.  College age youth from THQ were invited to attend. The meeting contained several praise and worship choruses to introduce them to the types of songs that might be shared during the WYC. In the afternoon a session was used to discuss activities that will take place using the delegates. They discussed how they will share their experiences as they participate in Divisional Youth Councils and rallies upon their return from Sweden. Some good ideas were shared and a new format for the upcoming Youth Councils was developed that will be more interesting and inviting for the young people. In the evening a fellowship time was planned by Major Dennis and Major Lynn. Several team building games were enjoyed and some time given to discuss  question number four (‘What will you bring back?’). Refreshments were served to complete a busy day.

Team Team Games
Relay Game Fellowship
Lynn with 

Photographs taken during the fellowship on Sunday evening.

Major Lynn Gensler is shown with the group on the left. The rows above show the teams being chosen and some of the games and relay races they took part in.

On Monday morning delegates headed off to the Bank and FedEx office to complete their visa application process. This is now in God's hands and we are trusting that soon all delegates will hear confirmation of their visa approvals.

Report by Major Lynn Gensler
Mission Training and Education Cooordinator
Pakistan Territory

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