World Youth Convention Ready for Take-off

Released 15 July 2010

THE World Youth Convention (WYC) doesn’t officially open until 3pm tomorrow (15 July) but already the convention site in Stockholm, Sweden has been a hive of activity for three days.

Visual and sound equipment has been set up in the main auditorium, the display tents have been erected, most of the 1,100 delegates met at the airport and settled in accommodation, creative arts groups have rehearsed and 200 volunteers from Sweden, Latvia and Norway have been busily making sure everything is ready for the opening.

Briefings were conducted during dinner meetings on Tuesday night 13 July in two different venues for the volunteers and creative arts groups.

The briefing for volunteers was tackled creatively with the WYC ‘airline captain’ and ‘flight attendants’ outlining all the procedures.

Commissioner Sue Swanson, the World Secretary for Women’s Ministries, delivered and inspiring message that aligned the volunteers with the support beams of a building that are often unseen but are continually at work bearing a heavy load.

Commissioner Vic Poke (Territorial Commander, Sweden & Latvia) encouraged the volunteers and thanked them for their commitment. He especially mentioned that many of them had taken holidays from work to help at the convention and that it is costing all of them financially to be volunteers.

The creative arts groups, from all over the world, were enthusiastically welcomed by Colonel Eva Kleeman (Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Sweden & Latvia). Colonel Johnny Kleeman (Chief Secretary, Sweden & Latvia) concluded the event with a time of dedication and devotion.

Laurie Robertson, Major

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WYC 2010

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