Time to Serve Update 2

FOLLOWING the world’s first Salvation Army international holiness convention for young adults (TIME TO BE HOLY), an international team of Salvationists representing more than 20 countries invaded Denmark this past week and deployed in Aalborg, Ordense, Omsorgstjenesten/ Copenhagen, Helgesensgade, Grundtvigsvej, Helsingør, and the National Music Camp as part of the TIME TO SERVE Campaign.

Led by the indefatigable Territorial Youth Secretary Major Joan Munch, and fighting alongside Danish Salvationists, these zealous warriors learned a lot about the love, imagination, flexibility, and persistence required to fight in part of Europe, what, after the 10/40 Window, is probably the world’s most difficult theatre of war.

But they also brought with them a passionate fervour that proved contagious. Whether cleaning humble abodes, serving coffee, or preaching, testifying, leading worship, and praying, the God-anointed servants exhibited Holy-Spirit fruit.

The different brigades led many open airs as well as many indoor meetings. God crowned their efforts with large and receptive crowds outdoors and lined mercy seats indoors.  Dozens of people were saved and dozens more responded for sanctification.  All glory to God.

The team joins a thousand delegates from 92 nations later this week in the World Youth Convention in Sweden. Your prayers will bring deeper blessing to the participants.


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