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World Youth Convention Ready for Take-off

15 July 2010

Preparations are almost complete for the World Youth Convention


Pakistan Report

20 May 2010

Some of tbe events and experiences in a special weekend preparing the Pakistan delegates for the World Youth Convention


Online access helps make Salvation Army World Youth Convention a global event

26 April 2010

Organisers of The Salvation Army's World Youth Convention (WYC) to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, are hoping and praying that thousands of youth around the world will make time to view the convention online.


Kenya West Prepares for Sweden

24 March 2010

The Kenya West Territory World Youth Convention Delegates came together on 11th February, 2010 in order to prepare for the upcoming World Youth Convention


Delegates Chosen for 'Time to be Holy 458' and 'Time to Serve 24-7'

15 March 2010

List of delegates who will be attending 'Time to be Holy 458' and 'Time to Serve 24-7'


Four minutes of ‘Jali-Jali’ dance at the WYC

11 January 2010

Indonesian delegates come prepared to perform a traditional dance.


The musical ‘Brengle: My Life’s Ambition’ is coming to Stockholm!

21 December 2009


WYC Grateful for Promises of Financial Support

14 December 2009

Women's Ministries in Zambia give financial support to World Youth Convention


Message from General Shaw Clifton

20 June 2009

Message from General Shaw Clifton in connection with the International Youth Convention


Message from Colonel Birgitte Brekke

18 June 2009

The World Youth Convention Organiser, Colonel Birgitte Brekke tells what the WYC is all about



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