The powerful spirit of a visionary Army in Action

Volume 31, Number 2
February 2001

Global Missions Team project members double in 2001

This month remodeling and expanding of the officers’ quarters and construction of a new corps building will begin on the island of St. Maarten. The number of team members has doubled since the last global missions project in Haiti. As the Central Territory's third global missions team project, this opportunity is better known than its predecessors and is seen by many as a way their skills can be used to build God's Kingdom.

Major Gloria Stepke, director of the overseas personnel and sponsorship bureau, also attributes this growth to the time of year the teams will be serving. Since the teams will be ministering during construction’s slow season many more participants who are trained and skilled in construction can participate.

This ministry appeals to people from all walks of life. Many soldiers and officers have invited non-Salvationist friends, advisory board members and family members. It not only allows Salvationists a chance to experience the international Army but offers the non-Salvationist members a glimpse of what the Army is doing worldwide and hopefully will encourage them to become more active in mission at home.

Team One
(Feb. 10-24, 2001)

Melissa Adams—Midland
Terry Belcher—Heartland
John Erickson—Metro
Norman Hawe—Canada
Georgette Hawe—Canada
David Kruger—Northern
Andrew Lovejoy—Northern
Lt. Col. June McLaren—Metro
Capt. Jerry O’Neil—Heartland
Matthew O’Neil—EMI
Felton Smith—Florida
Kellie Smith—Florida
Major Gloria Stepke—THQ
John Sundman—Northern
Mark Sundman—Northern
Team Two
(Feb. 24-Mar. 10, 2001)

Brent Carlson—Metro
Michael Chandler—MOKAN
Capt. Chuck Cunningham
John Erickson—Metro
Ed Grendahl—Metro
Norman Hawe—Canada
Georgette Hawe—Canada
Major Stephen Kiger—MOKAN
Steven Kuzniar—Heartland
Steven Lawrence—Heartland
Nanci MacLean—Metro
Jack Manzella—Metro
Major Donald Salsbury—WMNI
Major Gloria Stepke—THQ
Jack Thomas—Metro
Lucy Thomas—Metro
Julie Warren—EMI
Capt. Steve Woodard—Northern
Team Three
(Mar. 10 -24, 2001)

Gary Casey—WUM
Marilyn Casey—WUM
Debra Dick—Indiana
James Dick—Indiana
Caroline Dyer—Northern
Donald Dyer—Northern
John Erickson—Metro
Dawn Erickson—Metro
Patrick Fisher—Northern
Major Jonathan Fjellman—WUM
Major Linda Fjellman—WUM
Norman Hawe—Canada
Georgette Hawe—Canada
Richard Horen—Metro
Miriam Horen—Metro
Michael McGlone—Northern
Envoy Anthony Murphy—Western
Col. William Norris (R)—Metro
Allen Soliday—Northern
Major Gloria Stepke—THQ
Capt. Carla Voeller—WMNI
Team Four
(Mar. 24- April 7, 2001)

Marianne Baldus—WMNI
Diane Crutcher—MOKAN
Timothy Crutcher—MOKAN
John Erickson—Metro
CeCe Erisman—MOKAN
Norman Hawe—Canada
Georgette Hawe—Canada
Joanne Hodges—WMNI
Sandra Kramer—WUM
Capt. Deon Oliver—Heartland
Raymond Ramsey—Metro
Derek Rose—Metro
Major Gloria Stepke—THQ
Julie Tamayo—Northern
Bill Warnet—Heartland