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Hailed from Haiti, Sinous and Marie Theodore studied at The Salvation Army Territorial Training College in Kingston, Jamaica and were commissioned as ordained Offices of The Salvation on June 28, 1981 as Cadets of God’s Soldiers Session with the rank of Lieutenant.

 Lieutenant Marie Theodore was appointed assistant Commanding Officer to the Blue Fields Corps in Westmoreland (Western Jamaica Division), and then Commanding Officer of the Morant Bay Corps and Trinityville Outpost in the Eastern Jamaica Division.

 Lieutenant Sinous Theodore was appointed as Training Officer at The Salvation Army Territorial Training College.

 They were joined together in holy matrimony on July 10, 1982, and welcomed their first child, Marie Theodine on April 20, 1983 while serving on the College Staff.  Lieutenant Marie served there as Assistant Home Officer and Librarian.

 They were transferred in July 1983 to the Cave Mountain Corps in the Western Jamaica Division to minister.  Their second child, Louise Vanessa was born at Savanna-la-Mar on January 20, 1986 before they were appointed in Haiti to the Vieux Bourg Corps and Primary School, with the responsibility for the Lozandieu Outpost and school and primary school.  In July of that same year, they were promoted to the rank of Captains.

 They were assigned in July of the following year to the Port-au-Prince Central Corps (Church) to which was added the Carrefour outpost and pre-school in 1988.  As Commanding Officers of the Central Corps, they automatically became Chaplains to The Salvation Army Children’s and Senior Citizens’ Homes in Port-au-Prince.  During their ministries to that community, they served as spiritual mentors at The Salvation Army primary and secondary schools in Port-au-Prince.

 While serving at the Central Corps, Captain Sinous Theodore was appointed as Divisional Youth and Candidates’ Officer for the Haiti Division in July 1990.  On June 12, 1991, their son, Hance Roosevelt was born in Port-au-Price, Haiti.

 In July 1991, they were fully appointed at Divisional Headquarters.  Captain Sinous Theodore continued with the youth ministries and assisted with school matters, while Captain Marie Lourdes Theodore was given the responsibility of League of Mercy Secretary.

 In July 1993, Captain Sinous Theodore was appointed as Divisional Secretary and Captain Marie Theodore as Divisional Secretary for Women’s Organizations.

 In 1997, they were appointed to the Barbados Division as Commanding Officers of the Wellington Street Corps (Church), with Captain Sinous Theodore serving as the Divisional Secretary as well for the Barbados Division, including St. Lucia.  They were promoted to the rank of Majors in 2001.

 They left Barbados in 2003 for Guyana where they were appointed as Divisional Leaders.  In 2011, they were transferred from Guyana to Trinidad and Tobago as Divisional Leaders of that Division, including St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada.

In 2006, Major Sinous Theodore attended The Salvation Army International College for Officers (I.C.O.)   in London, England and Major Marie Theodore attended in 2011 the Brengle Institute in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

 They were appointed to Barbados in July 2014, with Major Sinous Theodore being the Divisional Officer for Business Administration and Major Marie Lourdes Theodore, Divisional Officer for Women’s Ministries.

 In March of this year, they were appointed by the Territorial Commander, on behalf of the General of The Salvation Army as Divisional Leaders of the Barbados Division, including St. Lucia, which became effective on August 1, 2015.


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