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Commissioner Gerrit Marseille prior to his appointment as Territorial Commander for the Caribbean Territory, he served as International Secretary for Programme Resources, based at International Headquarters in London.

With an MSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Delft, Netherlands, and a Masters of Learning from University of Ålborg, Denmark, Commissioner Gerrit's focus is on international development, evaluation and reflective practices.

Commissioner Gerrit has served as project officer in the Democratic Republic of Congo (1981-1991), Social Secretary in the Denmark Territory (1997-2002), Integrated Mission in Havnen Nakskov (2002-2006), Financial Secretary in Southern Africa and Chief Secretary in Republic of Congo (2006-2011)

Commissioner Eva Marseille (née Larsen) comes out of the Copenhagen Temple Corps, Denmark, where her parents were local officers. After her secondary education she studied dentistry and qualified as a dental surgeon in 1975. In 1976 she married Gerrit Marseille, civil engineer and Salvationist from The Hague, Netherlands, and after a short time in Ribe, Denmark, they entered the International Training College in London as Joyful Evangelists (1977-1979). 

After their first appointment as corps officers in Elburg, the Netherlands (1979-81), they spent 10 years in the Zaïre Republic (now Democratic Republic of Congo) as project officers. During this period Commissioner Eva set up dental health clinics and integrated dental care in The Salvation Army’s primary health services.

In 1997, Commissioner Eva was appointed as Literary Secretary and Editor in her home territory of Denmark. The ministry journey took them back to Africa again in 2006, as Commissioner Gerrit was appointed Financial Secretary in South Africa and Commissioner Eva shared her time between the role as Editor, child sponsorship coordinator and secretary to the MASIC (Moral and Social Issues Council) including the initial response to Human Trafficking. After 18 intensive months in Johannesburg they were moved to Congo Brazzaville, on the other side of the Congo river from Zaïre. Here they spent three and a half years in the Congo as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries before being appointed to IHQ in 2011. 

Commissioners Marseille grown-up children and five grandchildren are all living in Denmark.


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