White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week Oct. 30 - Nov. 6, 2011

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Released 19 October 2011

Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.

— Psalm 119:37

White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week is intended to educate the public about the extent of our culture’s pornography problem. WRAP week creates a useful opportunity to raise the issue of pornography within the Church, and to call all Christians to renewed lives of sexual purity and freedom.

White Ribbon

10 ways you can help raise awareness about the devastating influences of pornography during WRAP week and throughout the year:

  1. Wear a white ribbon (available from www.wrapfamily.com);
  2. Deliver a sermon about God’s call for Christians to be sexually pure;
  3. Share a list of resources about sexual addiction treatment services available in your community;
  4. Show the film Somebody’s Daughter and host a discussion about pornography’s impact on individuals and society;
  5. Organize both men’s and women’s retreats on the subjects of pornography and sexuality;
  6. Inform your community by organizing a public event featuring an expert on pornography’s harms;
  7. Ask your state legislators to pass a WRAP Proclamation (contact: anti_sextraffcking@usn.salvationarmy.org);
  8. Add links to your website of organizations and ministries providing resources to persons struggling with pornography use;
  9. Politely make complaints to businesses that distribute or advertise pornography and obscene material;
  10. Join the movement to pray and fast that God would free those caught in the spiritual bondage of sexual addiction and sexual sin.

For additional information and resources see:

  • www.moralityinmedia.org
  • www.pornharms.com
  • www.socialcostsofpornography.org
  • www.somebodysdaughter.org
  • www.candeocan.com
  • www.reclaimourculture.org
  • www.americandecency.org
  • www.enough.org
  • www.nationalcoalition.org
  • www.lightedcandle.org
  • www.drjudithreisman.org
  • www.thepinkcross.org
  • www.icarecoalition.org/icare.asp
  • www.pureintimacy.org
  • www.faithfulandtrueministries.com
  • www.cleanhotels.com

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