Jesus and Justice

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Jesus and Justice

Living Right While Righting Wrongs

Jesus and Justice coverJesus and Justice is a new book-length study that has been developed by the International Social Justice Commission.

Jesus’ mission is captured in a single vision with two dimensions. His hope for a restored humanity envisions well-being for people who are spiritually poor and people who are socially poor. And in their midst, righteousness and justice mark the events of his days and nights. Jesus lives right and makes life right with others.

In Jesus’ code, to love is to be just. To be just is to love. And when we claim to follow Jesus, we are disciples of justice. Jesus’ mission on earth in his time is our mission on earth in our time.

Jesus and Justice is available below in English, Spanish, French and Danish as a downloadable PDF file.


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Jesus-y-la-Justicia.pdf475 KB
jesusogretfaerdighed.pdf1027 KB
Jésus-et-la-Justice.pdf532 KB
Jesus and Justice.pdf1280 KB


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